Embarking on a journey from Fort Lauderdale to Miami is not merely a commute; it’s a passage through the vibrant landscapes of Southern Florida you won’t want to miss. Rich with possibilities and excitement. 

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Whether you’re a local seeking a seamless and luxurious mode of transportation or a visitor eager to explore the dynamic allure of Miami, the importance of a reliable car service cannot be overstated. Traveling between these exciting cities can be significantly enhanced by choosing a dedicated car service that ensures a stress-free commute and elevates the entire travel experience. 

In this bustling region where convenience meets style, opting for Presidential Limo car service from Fort Lauderdale to Miami becomes not just a logistical decision but a key element in shaping the narrative of your journey. 

Fort Lauderdale to Miami


From Fort Lauderdale to Miami, it is approximately 30 miles — the most common route between the two cities being the I-95 S. However, the exact travel distance may vary depending upon the starting and ending points in each city, as well as the preferred route. Our car service from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, Florida, ensures swift and efficient travel by mapping out the best routes while considering factors such as traffic conditions.


Depending upon the preferred route, starting point, and final destination, travel time can vary anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour. During heavy traffic peaks, this time can be extended significantly. Let Presidential Limo take the wheel while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of the beautiful South Florida area. Our experienced chauffeurs check for real-time traffic updates and use navigation software to ensure the most accurate estimate based on the current conditions. 

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Why choose Presidential car service?

Why Presidential car service and not anyone else? The answer is simple: we are the best at what we do. Our service and client-centered focus are unparalleled. We know what is important when it comes to car service, and we make sure we deliver. 

Luxury vehicles

We pride ourselves on our fleet of luxury vehicles that go above expectations, offering comfort and elegance. Our cars are expertly selected, maintained with plush seating, and equipped with the latest technology. We strive to make your experience with Presidential Limo stylish and efficient for all your travel needs. 


Every vehicle in our luxury fleet is carefully selected to reflect our eco-friendly initiative. We prioritize the environment by integrating eco-friendly models such as hybrid and electric vehicles. You can align your transportation needs with our commitment to a greener and more sustainable approach to transportation. Ride in style and luxury while minimizing your ecological footprint.

Professional, courteous drivers

Our professional and courteous drivers are the backbone of our positive and enjoyable transportation experience. They demonstrate professionalism in punctuality and adherence to safety guidelines and protocols, prioritizing our client’s safety and well-being. Our drivers excel in interpersonal skills, providing warm and welcoming transport. They are ready to address any of your needs while remaining polite and respectful. 

Go on your schedule

Our flexible and personalized transportation services are available on your schedule. You dictate when you want to travel. 

For business or pleasure, with Presidential, every ride counts

With Presidential, we are aware that each client has their own needs and amenities they require, and we work diligently to accommodate them. Every ride is approached with the best customer service in mind. Every ride counts, and we make sure to live by that phrase with every new and repeat client to whom we have the honor of providing our services. 

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